"After a long way full of different experiences, two young brains meet again in a moor between fog and melancholy near Milano."

Davide-Kristof Acs (Fellow of the London College of Music, Diploma in Composition, in Music Literacy, in Electric Guitar and a Specializing Masters Degree in Analysis and Music Theory, son of Janos Acs, an important Conductor ) and Federica Sara Falletta, beautiful singer with a past in television (Rai 2 channel in the transmission “Furore”, a tour with Viola Valentino and the first place award from the “Accademia di Sanremo”)  raise a project of European sounds, shuffle with the traditional Italian melody.

The solution is the perfect combination of "iLLacrimo".

They recorded with Matteo Cifelli (Tom Jones, Il Divo, Helene Fisher, Mike & the Mechanics, ecc) and
Andrea Cataldo a first "Ep", distribuited under Resisto in January 2015, with strong reception from
media (Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, All Music Italia ecc...).

They recorded an official video of their song "Chains in the Cold", and they played at the famous Legend Club in Milano with the band Sumo Cyco (Canada) in 2015.

They played unplugged in the Radio program "LINEA ROCK" with the famous host Marco Garavelli, selected by Disney Channel Italia for a cameo in the show "Alex & co." in August 2015, played as backup band for NEIL ZAZA at the Dragon's Pub during his European Tour 2016 and selected by Kimmi Rudolph for her podcast "The Metal Deli" (their song conquest the 3rd place).

The songs "Chains in the cold", "1000 reasons to?", "With one's own eyes" and "Recluse" in the Euro Indie Music Chart between January and May 2016, two of these in the TOP 20 and transmitted in the podcast European Indie Top 20 Countdown Show. In January 2017 they entered in the TOP 10 RANKING.

They're Nominated by Stephen Wrench in the category "Best Rock Song" at the Grammy Awards 2017.

They worked with Gisella Cozzo (an important musician from Australia) in studio in 2017.

In March/April 2017 they recorded (with the collaboration of Mr. Stephen Wrench) at the OMNISOUND STUDIOS of Nashville (USA).

In June 2017 their single "Love (trapped in a stone) was N° 1 in the top 10 Euro Indie Music Chart.

They also worked with Mr. Attila KÖRNYEI, a famous producer from Hungary in 2017.

In January 2018 they have a new single,  “Sabbia al vento”, an arrangement in Italian of the famous “Homok a szélben” by Koral, with strong reception from the media around the world. Even the original Composer, Balázs Fecó , applauds them for the song.

In April 2018, they signed with MAF Records an exclusive contract.

You can find them in all the digital stores of the world: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, KKbox, Gaana, Music Yandex, Rockit and more... under Music and Film Records.



"This is an outstanding work to their credit and only suffers from not enough songs amongst all there is to be said, besides the consensus being this is one killer band. It loses half a point for only being five tracks in length, but otherwise it’s right on the money and they should be going places, hopefully with a full CD to follow."
by Larry Toering _Ventsmagazine

"A debut featured by charisma and personality"
Rock Hard

"A convincing debut that makes iLLacrimo a reality worth to be followed"
All Music Italy

"iLLacrimo display a drive being seen less and less amond unsigned and indie bands.This group is hungry"

"This Ep changes the rules for female voiced gothic music"
Rock Hard Italy